Friday, June 1, 2012

New 1965 // House of Fashion

1965 is a fabulous little store who has their new Summer collection out, and I am so pleased to be able to showcase some items in today's post!

These are the cutest little skirts ever! And lace is HUGE this Summer, so I love that too. I adore so much how the bow on the skirt is covered in sequins…my only sadness is that the skirt's band is too small and so i don't get a nice dark blue, sequinned skirt band :( I tried all of the sizes, but alas, none seemed to fit right or be able to see the band…it's not the end of my SL world though, and so I will continue to wear it :) I looove the top, The Little Swan, and feel that it is so versatile. The sequins are sorta out there and loud, but then the rest of the shirt is a beautiful light tan, and so they are a perfect compliment to one another.

This cute little outfit is for this weeks fi*friday event, and wow, girls, run out and grab this cute ensemble. You get the bodysuit (my favourite in this outfit), the cute shorts with two texture options, AND you also get the heels! love Love LOVE!! Everything works so well together, but the fabulous part is that each item on their own is fantastic and parable to so many things! Seriously ladies, this is a MUST HAVE.

First Style:

Skin: Lyse in SPF 202 Light Beige - Vive 9
Tattoos: Beauty Marks 1 & 4 - Tuli
Hair:  Sanaa in Black - Fab-U-Lous

Top: The Little Swan in Peach - 1965
Skirt: Le Tutu Skirt in Blue - 1965

Shoes: Penelope Platforms in Taupe - Vive9
Earrings: Earrings: Sarayi Wood Hoops - Zaara

Second Style:

Skin: Lyse in SPF 202 Light Beige - Vive 9
Tattoos:  Beauty Marks 1 & 4 - Tuli
Hair: Black Curly Fro' - Likeli

Top: Aztec Bodysuit in Yellow - 1965 @ fi*fridays
Shorts: California Shorts in Orange - 1965 @ fi*fridays

Shoes: My Travel Hell Aztekk - 1965 @ fi*fridays
Necklace: Balini Necklace in Amethyst - Zaara
R. Bracelet: Bone Bangles - YS&YS
L. Bracelet: Mess Bangles in Gold - [EY:NO]
Rings: Noa 3 Stone Ring - LaGyo

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