Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Around The World Round Up I

Around The World ends on November 29th and I am showing you here some of my favourites. The event is awesome, showcasing culture from around the world, here in SL. The build itself is pretty cool, an airport that takes you all around the world! One of the things I love about fashion, especially fashion here in SL, is that you can transform yourself into someone else for a time being while wearing something you normally never would. Around The World, with its eclectic items and wares, gives in to that notion of exploring yourself through fashion….so TP to the event and check it out!

Skin: Maria in Fraise 01 - Essences @ Around The World 
Hair: Famous for Nothing in Sable - Exile

Dress: Achieng Dress in Moon - 22769 @ Around The World

Headband: Greek Olive Branch Headband - Elate @ Around The World
R. Bracelet: Gold Cuff - Erratic
L. Bracelet: Chained Love - Flaunt @ Around The World
Rings: Ring Gang (All Rings) in Gold - [7891.]

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