Thursday, January 10, 2013


New skin from The Skinnery called Anais, and OMG I am obsessed with the face! Now, don't get me wrong, I am, I would say, slightly picky when it comes to skins…I like them realistic, not that painted look that some skins tend to have. Head to toe this skin is GORGE! And I don't say that lightly either!I am really adoring the ethnic, not boring white, blonde, blue eyed (not that anything is wrong with that - hello have you seen my rl pic?! LOL). For the longest time I thought to myself how boring skins in SL were…all you could find were caucasian looking ones, and they were all very similar. Since the beginning of 2012's Summer I noticed an emergence of really beautiful ethnic skins…wether these were African-American, or Latin, and even Asian, they were getting better and better tones. I love this skin from The Skinnery, because it is not that cookie-cutter look, but also because as I mentioned, it's SUCH a gorgeous skin. Such attention to detail too! Get that pixel butt over to The Skinnery!

Skin: Anais in Bare Face Toffee - The Skinnery (New)
Makeup: Adele Eye Makeup - Americano (New)
Hair: Mango in Brown 04 - DeLa

Top: Muscle Shirt in Rottweiler - Lavender.Esme (New)
Pants: Verona Leggings on [01] - Emery
Shoes: Devi Booties in Black - Maitreya

Bag: Steffani Lux Tote in Black - House of Fox
Earrings: Chandelier Earrings in Gold - Glow Studios (Newish)
Watch & Bracelets: Boyfriend's Watch & Bracelets in Gold - Glow Studios (Newish)

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